As I begin writing this post, I’m sitting on my bed that looks like a glitter bomb has exploded on it. Immediately I am adding “make awesome glitter glues” to my list of organisational tips for 2015 in order to prevent messes like this. I mean, I’m an artist – I can hardly help these things – but I don’t imagine I’ll be sleeping comfortably tonight. Not to mention I had The Golden Lily open beside me as I’m re-reading it, and I’m now pretty shattered that Adrian Ivashkov is actually sparkling. For real.

I have a friend who calls glitter the herpes of craft. I don’t like this, and I love glitter, but I can kind of see where he’s coming from.

I tend to get glitter everywhere, but it's pretty magical.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking while reading and arting today. 2014 is almost over, and I am seriously starting to gear up for 2015 now. Do you have a motto for the new year? Perhaps a phrase you plan on living by? I have two, as it so happens.

The first is REJECT PERFECTION. Perfection isn’t real. Others see beauty in our flaws, and if we were flawless, I think we’d lose our beauty. We’d become completely nondescript. Not worthy of notice. But you aren’t perfect, the things you create are not perfect, and you are worthy of notice. So reject perfection.

The second is that 2015 WILL BE A YEAR OF MAGIC-MAKING, RISK-TAKING, AND DARING SWORD FIGHTS! Because who doesn’t love a little adventure to keep things exciting? It’s the risk-taking that scares me the most, but I suppose that is kind of the point, isn’t it?

It's the G+ book nerd fangirl team with no name!
Lu, myself, and Angel!

So what will you guys be seeing from me next year? Well, I already rattled off a list of things that I’ll be blogging about next year, like Monday Morning Glory, One Book A Week, Fangirl Friday, and Google+ Hangouts with Lu & Angel (which I am currently affectionately referring to as (LAM)Barbecue Nerdburgers), but my plans have grown since then and I feel compelled to share them with you! So, what are some of the other things you can expect to see of me next year?

The 1st draft of my novel:

… I’m still not too sure how I feel about this one. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes… Downright terrified? Yes! But I’m going to take a leap of faith and share it with you all. I won’t be putting any disclaimers up with my posts, but I will just post a friendly reminder here that what I will be sharing will only be first draft material!

Once the first draft is shared to completion, the editing process will then begin and I’ll be fixing any plotholes, errors, and adding/subtracting from the story as required. Once that is complete, the novel will be available for purchase as an ebook if you enjoyed it and want a copy to keep with you that doesn’t require you having to hunt through my blog to find it all!

I’m scared about doing this, but I do hope you’ll all enjoy it!

A change in my approach to book reviews:

This change is actually taking effect immediately, and I’ll be going back through my old book reviews and making appropriate changes. I will no longer be giving star ratings for my book reviews. Here is why:

I want to write this blog as an attempt to provide a positive space for creative people to be shared and encouraged, and for everyone to be able to enjoy. Therefore, I will not write a review for a book if I did not enjoy it. I do not believe it is fair to the author when usually, it just comes down to personal preference. I want to play no part in them potentially losing readers who might actually enjoy their work, purely because for whatever reason I didn’t enjoy their work.

Additionally to this, I feel awful trying to assign a numeric value to place on art of any form. I tend to have one of three reactions across the board: dislike, meh, or love it. Instead, my focus with book reviews will be purely to tell you about books that I love and why I love them. This doesn’t mean there won’t be criticism where appropriate, but the aim is to let you know about the things that I love.

An online shop:

This is one of those scary things. Next year, I will start making a few of my art and design works available for sale. Whether it be prints, or apparel. Keep an eye out though and I’ll keep you posted on what becomes available!

Weekly art posts:

I’ve been promising this for a while now, but I’ll be sticking to my guns this time. At least one art post a week. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll share a finished work of art every week, though this may happen occasionally. Mostly it’ll be about sharing the behind the scenes with you, so you get a glimpse at the development of my folio.

Featured Artists:

I’ll be writing up submission policies soon, but if you’re an artist and want to have your work featured on my blog, and think my readership would enjoy your creations, then please shoot me an email with some samples of your work!

Cherry Blossoms | Millicent Nankivell

I will probably eat a lot of chocolate and cry myself to sleep every night.

I plan on taking much better care of myself next year! I firmly believe that will help! Getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, getting out and going for walks (camera in tow, naturally).

When I’m working toward projects too, I’m going to have a totally butt kicking playlist rolling in the background! I also plan on surrounding myself with colourful and fun things to keep my personal environment a happy space.

In addition to all these things, I will be catching up with my various girl gangs more often. The Blogcadettes, Lu, Angel, and whoever else decides to be a fun and sparkly person who encourages personal and creative growth. I believe surrounding yourself with awesome people really helps, so that is a part of my plan for achieving awesome next year.

Do you have any exciting plans for 2015?

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Please excuse me while I have a moment. This is the last part of my collation of Penguin Teen Australia’s non-spoiler reaction tweets for The Ruby Circle. These are the last non-spoiler reaction tweets for the Bloodlines series! There is a very big part of me that is unashamed to say that I don’t know how to deal with this. At all.

It’s been a great series, and now I’m seriously dying to read the last book – but I really don’t want it to end! I love the characters and their stories so much, and I feel like I may need to find something new to obsess over now! … HA! Nope. Adrian Ivashkov is far too captivating for that! I hope you all enjoy part 4 and flail as much as I did at that last tweet there (and remember, they aren’t covering the last chapter for the sake of spoilers!)

The Ruby Circle Non-Spoiler Reaction Tweets Part 4 | Millicent Nankivell
Chapter 16



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Okay. Who else here is on the edge of their seats with these tweets? I mean – seriously! This road trip team is intense and I love it, but I’m immensely concerned by the apparent BIG tears! My first thoughts were “Sydney finds out about the thing that happened!” and “who dies?” Eeep! What are your thoughts and reactions? Also, I’m desperate to find out what this game changer is for the whole Vampire Academy and Bloodlines world. This. Is. Intense! ♥

The Ruby Circle Non-Spoiler Reaction Tweets Part 3 | Millicent Nankivell
Chapter 11



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As I’m so far behind, you’re likely to get a few of these posts dumped on you all at once! Are you prepared for this onslaught of madness and feels? Because already these non-spoiler tweets are killing me! The ending of a series is such a bittersweet thing. I’m excited I’ll soon get to know how the story ends, but equally I’ll be pretty sad when it’s all over – I don’t want this to end!

The Ruby Circle Non-Spoiler Reaction Tweets Part 2 | Millicent Nankivell
Chapter 6



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Okay, I’m super behind the eight-ball here! This is what happens when I go AFK for a few days though, I suppose! What I’m going to do, is share Penguin Teen Australia’s Non-Spoiler Reaction Tweets here, again, largely for my own personal record. As Silver Shadows got closer, I would go through the tweets posts I had on my site here and ask them random questions or make random comments etc. I also may have vaguely followed along with them while reading Silver Shadows! I’ll probably do the same with these and it was handy to have them all in the one spot last time… so I’m doing it again!! Although I have to note that the tweet below seems somewhat ominous!!!

All I can say to that is THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!! CRUELTY AT IT’S HIGHEST!!!

Anyway – I’ll be sharing probably 5 chapters per post. Sorry for the spam you will undoubtedly receive if you follow my blog (I love you – thanks for being patient with my Ivashkov fangirling ways!) ♥

Now… let’s get this thing started!

The Ruby Circle Non-Spoiler Reaction Tweets Part 1 | Millicent Nankivell
Chapter 1



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